Entertain A Better Self
Travelling the wonderous world, would you give it up?
Enjoying mouth-watering foods, would you give it up?
Playing breath-taking games, would you give it up?
You wouldn’t
If fitness was as exciting as them, would you still give it up?
About Us
The Equivalent Technology (Shenzhen) is a leading innovative technology company integrating software and hardware development. The "principle of equivalence" means that everything is connected. Good technologies, living habits and lifestyles are bound to create a better life. We are a research company with independent intellectual property rights, deeply involved in the field of smart fitness, and are the first to integrate exciting gaming methods, interesting multi-functional hardware, and innovative human-to-computer interactions into our products.
The Equivalence Technology (Shenzhen) adheres to the innovative concept of "people-oriented", designing products by focusing on user experience, and through cutting-edge technologies, combined with gamified interactive methods. With the core concept of making fitness simple, fun, and easy to persist, while improving motivation and reducing resistance, the idea of fitness gamification is proposed. It is this concept that provides a source of inspiration for Equivalence Technology (Shenzhen), which has led to many interesting and creative projects.
We are creating a new software and hardware ecological chain, determined to make more and more people participate in fitness through fitness gamification.




  • Game Development
  • Exercise Innovation
  • Hardware Development
Forget the pain, focus on the fun
Equivalence Technology revolves around the core concept of "Entertain a better self" and deeply integrates home fitness and game elements into the product, serving young people and white-collar workers who have the desire to exercise but do not have stable exercise habits.
Your exercise will advance the progress of the game. By replacing fitness goals with game goals, you will forget your pain and sweat. Equivalence Technology promises to provide you with easy to learn, easy to persist and highly motivational products, allowing you, the users, to experience fitness fun anytime, anywhere.
Let us cross the gap together, shape your habits, and finally let us "indulge" in a new healthy lifestyle.
Accurately measure the exercise of your choice
Equivalence Technology uses 5 smart phone sensors, 8 sets of algorithms and AI face/human recognition technologies to provide accurate motion tracking for more than 23 exercises, including but not limited to push-ups, sit-ups, boxing, jumps, squats, etc. Equivalence Technology customizes its algorithms according to the users, and provides feedback through personal exercise score, calculated through the users’ calorie consumption, accuracy, stability and exercise strength. In addition, through artificial intelligence and other algorithm optimization, Equivalence Technology can scientifically tailor every user’s daily exercise routine and content.
With the readily available smartphone sensing technology and innovation, now anyone can enjoy a fun fitness class at home!
Natural interactive feedback for exercise
Equivalence Technology has developed a series of auxiliary equipment for software application scenarios to enhance the user's fitness experience. With the help of hardware, users can experience a wider range of exercise categories, stronger strength training and more exciting contents, in other words, a different fitness experience. The hardware is the most important part of this puzzle, enriching the user's fitness journey with a perfect experience.

The team is currently composed of more than 20 people, graduated from Tsinghua University, Imperial College, University of Washington, University of British Columbia, University of Manchester and other world-renowned universities. The team has related professional backgrounds in software and hardware development and game design.

Equivalence Technology will always adhere to the concept of "people-oriented”, creating value through technology. With enthusiasm and passion in mind, we conduct scientific and product research, and continue to explore and innovate. Through an open attitude, state-of-art technologies, and being user-centric, we aim to create a pleasant and customized user experience for all users.

  • Jacques Feng/CEO

    Master of Theoretical Physics, Imperial College London

    Master of Technology and Innovation Engineering, University of Washington

    Master of Data Science and Information Technology Engineering, Tsinghua University

    He has 4 years of in-depth research experience in the integration and innovation of health and pervasive computing, smart AI yoga mat, bone transfer and human motion recognition system.

  • Hal Zhang/CTO

    Bachelor of Applied Science, University of British Columbia

    Master of Technology and Innovation Engineering, University of Washington

    A former Silicon Valley senior engineer, he has a deep working background in the fields of software and hardware, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and network security, and has in-depth research on the integration of scientific research and engineering projects.

  • Charles Feng/COO

    Materials Science and Engineering, University of Manchester

    Former China General Nuclear Power Corporation engineer and DJI engineer. Former Aube market and operation, deeply cultivated the company's operation and management, and innovated the external publicity system. He contributed 40% of the company's performance and won the bid for the super high-rise buildings of Shenzhen Sungang Meiyuan, Guangzhou Baishuizhai Waterfall, Jining Exhibition Center and other key landmark projects.

  • Jeremiah Zhang/Product Manager

    Former Dingdang Kuaiyao Technology Co., Ltd. User and Market Operation Product Manager. Former Zhongzhu Medical Group Medical Device Product Manager

    He has an abundant experience in the biomedical industry, and has a working background in the Internet + health industry, research and development of smart rehabilitation medical equipment, and medical device marketing. Has in-depth research on the market and users, created health products used by more than tens of millions of users.

  • Xuankai Zeng/Game Producer

    Founder and former producer of Sohu Changyou Studio, a US listed game company, has 8 years of experience in the game industry.

    Representative works include Iron Storm and Dragon Talisman. His game design article was rated as one of the ten must-read articles for the best game plan of the year by Tencent Game Academy.

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The Equivalence Technology team is constantly developing and growing. We have an excellent team and look forward to you joining to make Equivalence Technology stronger. We always welcome those who are passionate about technology and games and are confident in your work! Grasp the precious opportunity, send an email to contact us immediately.
Let's play together and create together. Use technology to entertain a better self!

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